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Samples Boxes

       Currently on sale until Mothers Day!“Lovely Lavender” sample box with lavender scented items

Just in time for Mothers Day are our sample boxes.  Each box contains a bath salt, body scrub, tea light candles and soap with a free gift!  The name represents the scent of the products inside.  Currently, our boxes are “Lovely Lavender” (shown above), “Lemon Essence”, “Calm & Collective” (chamomile scented products) and “Mix and Match” (something from each of the other boxes).  Currently, all candles are aromatherapeutic as they are made with essential oils.

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Coming soon I plan on starting to sell candles (probably small ones to start), tarts and massage melts along with tart warmers for the the tarts. With this I will probably expand the types of essential oils that I use. Sound like a hot seller? Hope so!!! Stay tuned!