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Have sensitive skin or skin that needs a pick-me-up? Ask about our all natural “Rosemary & Rosewood” facial cleansing oil or body lotion. Rosemary & Rosewood essential oils are good for soothing sensitive skin, treating blemishes and as an astringent for devitalized skin!


In trying to add just a little something to the product line to make it a bit more unisex friendly, we now have “Fresh & Clean” lotion.  Made with sweet almond oil, water, beeswax, vitamin e oil and  cedarwood, patchouli and petitgrain essential oils, your skin is sure to feel just that…”Fresh & Clean”!  This lotion is great for revitalizing skin, especially for skin that has been chapped by the weather.  With the temperatures dropping, this is a great product to have in your bathroom!

Comes in 3 sizes.


A great skin revitalizer!

And I will call them, Lavender Milk Bath Bombs…

Ok, well first of all they weren’t supposed to be bath bombs.  “Huh?”, you say?  Well what happened was that they started off as an unscented bath salt.  The problem and that made me have to change it…well let’s say I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t use dendritic salt with baking soda and then jar or baggie it up.  Can you say, “POOF!!!” as puffs of white smoke flies in the air?  Not a good selling point!  That being said, I had several recipes on hand for bath bombs and since most of the ingredients were the same (with a few things that needed to be added), I decided to try my hand at some.  So, after adjusting some measurements (since I had already added the dendritic salt and bath bombs call for citric acid which like the salt, helps to not just preserve the ingredients in the product, but activates the CO2 in the baking soda, that was one of the measurement adjustments that needed to be made) my experiment began.

Using, baking soda, powdered milk, epsom salt, sea salt, dendritic salt, citric acid, corn starch (not necessary, but apparently this is what makes bombs float in the water.  Side note:  do not use any tub products with corn starch if you have or are prone to yeast infections as this will “feed” the infection!  Now, if you research the web this is a controversial point but I figure better to put it out there and be safe now rather than sorry later), olive oil, cocoa butter, fragrance or essential oil (I used lavender essential oil in mine), color (optional but I colored mine lilac), flowers (I used lavender flowers.  Another side note:  If you do not want these to get on you or in your tub, tie up the bath bomb in nylon or old, thin material prior to placing into tub and for any products that have oils in them, I’ve learned that if you sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of your tub prior to running water and bathing in it, it will absorb the oil leaving you slip and slide free!) and a 1:1 blend of witch hazel and water (this helps to give it that shine after it dries but also is not necessary.  Another alternative is to slow bake them for 3-4 hours when they are done and out of the mold.) and I had the start of my bath bombs.  Oh, be sure to push hard and pack the molds tight.  You’ll especially want to do this if you have molds like mine which are made to imprint designs on the products you use them for (I use mine for various bath products).

Now save for the fact that I used straight witch hazel (and hopefully that won’t effect their drying properly), I think my faux pas turned out pretty good.  If nothing else, they sure smell great!!!  Stay tuned for the final results!

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Although I haven’t had the chance to use one yet, they dried fine and have been packed and labelled for this weekends opening day at the farmers market.  Yay!  Job well done for what started out as a messed up batch of bath salt!

Additional update:

They wound up being relabeled as solid salts.  Not much of a fizz as I expected and hoped for.  The next time WILL be better!!!

In a rush?  Need something that you could whip together in a hot second at home and put in a bottle small enough to take everywhere with you (obviously you’ll have to up the amounts to get enough to put into a small travel bottle)?  Here’s 2 quick fix recipes I came across that are sure to moisturize your face when you’re on the go and all you need are 2 ingredients!

Quick fix moisturizer for normal skin:

2-drops of sweet almond oil

3-drops of distilled water

Mix in your palm and rub your hands together then apply to your face

Do this regularly to keep your face moist

Quick fix moisturizer for sensitive skin:

2-drops of sweet avocado oil

3-drops of distilled water

Mix in your palm and rub your hands together then apply to your face

Do this regularly to keep your face moist

In any weather, it’s so important to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to do anything more than wash their face.  That being said, these quick fix recipes are sure to especially help those limited on time in their daily routine.  Anyone prone to allergic reactions from either of the oils noted should research an optional oil (like possibly chamomile oil for sensitive skin) prior to trying either recipe.  Here’s to great skin!!!

With spring just weeks away, keep in mind that spring cleaning isn’t just for the home!  This is a great site by Suzanne Bovenizer!!!

I love, love, LOVE using and smelling essential oils!  But besides the smell, did you know that they have qualities that can do wonderful things for you?

Although I’m only using a limited amount of essential oils, I love the ones that I have been using.  Even the vetiver, which has a musky smell (not musty as in funky but musky as in along the lines of oils like Frankincense and Sandalwood) I enjoy; can’t say the same for everyone (I’ve gotten some wrinkled nose looks from some people at market events and such, but I guess all things don’t aromatically appeal to all people).

That being said, I wanted to give some insight as to what each of the essential oils I currently use are all about and what they can do for you.  I must preface this with please do a skin patch test first prior to use of ANY essential oil to check for sensitivities or allergic reactions and if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care (especially those with epilepsy), please check with your physician prior to usage.  Also, it is suggested that most essential oils be used with a carrier oil (carrier oils dilute the essential oil making it safer for use on your skin especially if it is being applied directly, carrier oils are vegetable oils such as sesame, sunflower and olive oils to name a few).

Vetiver –

Vetiver essential oil is good for helping to get a hold of ones emotions as it is considered to be a relaxant for an overactive mind.  In this, it is also good for helping one to maintain letting things be as they are.  When applied as a liniment, vetiver essential oil can also be used for anti-inflammatory purposes for things such as arthritis symptoms and acne.  As well, it has been noted to be useful for helping the cardio-respiratory system by getting an active one to become a calmer one.  Both the root and the essential oil are also said to be helpful in getting rid of thirst, heat stroke, fevers and headaches.

Lemon –

Lemon essential oil is good for gently calming one down as well as promoting a clear mind helping one to be able to better concentrate.  It has also been shown through studies to have an antidepressant effect.  Lemon essential oil can be used for getting rid of bacteria and, with the use of a diffuser, it can also be an excellent disinfectant. As well, it has been shown to be useful for helping anxiety, stress and some infections.  Note that caution should be taken when applying lemon essential oil to skin as skin may get more sensitive to sunlight for 72 hours after application.

Rosemary –

Rosemary essential oil is good for the respiratory system and the sinuses as well as being a good hair and scalp nourisher when massaged in.

Chamomile –

Chamomile essential oil is popular for females health as it is replenishing, leaving one feeling very tranquil.  By rubbing it on the temples, it is excellent for mind rejuvenation.  It is also wonderful for both the circulatory and nervous system as well as neuromuscular health.  Chamomile essential oil can also be used for soothing the skin.

Lavender –

Lavender essential oil is good for helping one become serene and is also helpful in mediation. It is an excellent soother and comforter when used for massaging purposes especially.

Peppermint –

Peppermint essential oil works well as an all over, body rub to help make skin smooth and soft.  In this it’s a great soother.  Peppermint essential oil can also be used for a rejuvenating lift.  As well, it is useful for helping the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems as well as the brain when it is rubbed onto the temples.

Rosewood –

Rosewood essential oil is good for helping to get centered while unwinding.  It works especially well when it is rubbed into the temples, making it sensually pleasing.  Rosewood essential oil is traditionally used for soothing the skin and as an anti-septic.  As well, it is good for clearing breathing and immune health.

Eucalyptus –

Eucalyptus essential oil is a good mind rejuvenator when rubbed onto the temples.  It is also good for helping joint and respiratory help.  Eucalyptus essential oil can also be used for nasal health.  In this it is also known for improving the senses, rejuvenating the mind.

Tea Tree Oil –

Tea Tree essential oil is good for helping to get rid of fungi, viruses and microbes.  Found in many oral hygiene products, tea tree essential oil works well for treating things such as mouth sores, acne, herpes infections and for the stimulation of the general immune system.  Tea tree essential oil works well as an insect bite soother and repellent and it also has anti-depressant effects aiding in the body’s ability to resist infection.  When fighting infections, a great benefit is that it brings no harm to the tissues.Tea tree essential oil can be taken orally.  As well, it can be used directly on the skin in treatment for small cuts and scrapes as it is an anti-bacterial that will soothe an injury or infected area and prevent infection to it.

This is just a few things about the essential oils that I am currently using.  Please do your research if you want to find out more (and by all means, let me know what you found in the comment section).

As you see, essential oils have many purposes and are great for many things!  As I venture deeper into all things pamperific, I plan on using even more essential oils and coming up with custom scents (I’m very much looking forward to the special candles I plan on making in the near future with these essential oils).

I hope I’ve imparted some useful information!

Happy pampering and have a “Spalicitious” day!!!